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Negotiating an important online transition for one of the largest land and property regeneration companies in the UK.


Becoming a PLC

We’ve collaborated with Harworth on many projects over the years – having previously delivered website design work for both Harworth Estates and their flagship development, Waverley. When Harworth became a Public Limited Company (Harworth Group PLC), we stepped up to the challenge of developing a new site that incorporated elements from their previous site, as well as fulfilling the new requirements required by their PLC status.

We provide clear planning and design documents as part of a detailed and thorough design stage.

A Visual Refresh For Harworth Group

As part of the process, Harworth underwent a comprehensive rebrand. This updated visual identity needed to be reflected in the design of the new website. The challenge here was to develop a design style that clearly reflected Harworth’s distinguished corporate status, without being too dry.

The final result struck a great balance between vibrant and restrained, with an emphasis on imagery and infographics.

Critical Controls

But it didn’t just need to look good — the communications team needed easy-to-use and robust controls for editing their online content. Incorrect information could make all the difference between a new investment and a missed opportunity. We developed a number of bespoke features for their CMS that enabled the team to manage everything on the site with ease.

Aerial view of one of Harworth's Development sites. Harworth Group PLC Website Design
Harworth Group has development opportunities all over the UK.

Maximum Uptime

There’s more to launching a new website than how it looks or how easy it is to use though. Due to the merging of two previous sites, there were a large number of redirects required and it was crucial to minimise downtime upon launch – two challenges which required a keen eye for detail and careful management.

Moreover, as a PLC, it’s important that Harworth continues to provide access to investment information, as well as other policies and documents. With our managed hosting package, harworthgroup.com performs excellently, thanks to SSL encryption, a content-delivery network (CDN) and advanced caching. With minimum downtime, Harworth’s website lives up to its investors’ expectations.

We put just as much effort into how a site performs as we put into how it looks. Take a look at our work below for examples of how performance can have just as much impact as visuals.

If you’re looking for a high performing website for your business or organisation, contact us to see how our web team can help.

Visit the site: harworthgroup.com