Enigma Climbing Products

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Expertly crafted climbing wall products, hand made in Sheffield, for climbers across the world.


Enigma Climbing Products teamed up with Ink & Water to create a dynamic, user-friendly website that reflects their expertise and passion for climbing. The goal was to boost their online presence and showcase their exquisite, handmade products.

We designed a visually striking, responsive website that captures the essence of the climbing community. Key features include an intuitive navigation system, high-quality imagery, and engaging content. We highlighted Enigma’s extensive experience, as well as its USP of all products being handmade in Sheffield, integrating this authenticity into the site’s narrative and design.

Enigma Climbing Products now has a sleek, modern platform that effectively communicates their brand and supports their growth. Our collaboration has given them a powerful digital presence to reach and inspire climbing enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Visit the site: enigmaclimbingproducts.co.uk