At Ink & Water we live for logos. However great branding is not just about marks on paper, it’s about marking yourself out from the competition. That’s why we also love working with businesses of all sizes to help them rationalise – and then visualise – how they want to present themselves to the world. Doesn’t your enterprise deserve a mark of excellence?

Opus Group

Establishing an identity for a group of high-end businesses offering a range of financial and lifestyle services presented its own challenges. A solution strong and confident enough to stand on its own, but work well as part of the suite would be worth its weight in gold.

We used an easily recognisable symbol alongside a system whereby each segment of Opus’ work had it’s own complimentary colour, with the overall umbrella colour being gold to help establish the company’s credientials. The result was an identity which was simple for staff to implement and proved popular with Opus’ discerning customers.

Connecting Communities

When you launch a first-of-its kind project bringing together schools and community organisations you need an identity that will put you on the map.

With a brief focusing on the ‘connection’ aspect of the project, we worked up several logo designs and revisions before a favourite was chosen to move forward with. Teamed with a colour and font palette, Connecting Communities now has an identity they’re as proud of as the work they do (and a shiny new website to boot).


The Steel City has a rich, proud and dare we say divided sporting history, and nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in the annual Varsity competition between the city’s universities.

We’re proud of our long association with the UK’s second biggest Varsity event, which seems to grow every year, having established the competition’s now famous identity and produced advertising for both teams. From rugby to rowing, boxing to basketball, we got our game face on and produced designs that have helped capture the spirit of these events and, we like to think, inspired performances both on and off the pitch.

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Harland Cafe

Local business Harland Cafe started life around the same time as Ink & Water, with much the same ethos: friendly and authentic service, with a Yorkshire understanding of value for money.

As one of our oldest clients, we feel proud to have helped build the Harland Cafe brand which now has a reputation as one of Sheffield’s ‘hidden gems’, regularly ranking in the top 25 of all Sheffield restaurants on TripAdvisor.

Alongside designing Harland Cafe’s logo and visual identity, we have helped this successful start-up implement their brand in print and online – including signage, menus, website, business stationary and promotional flyers/posters.

Sitwell Junior School

Resisting the opportunity of saying this project was a hoot, we were tasked with updating Sitwell’s longstanding owl logo. As it’s a very popular animal for organisations in this part of the world, the challenge was to create a unique rendering that was friendly and professional, yet different enough to branch out on its own.

After working through almost an aviary of options, the winning bird – which incorporated an ‘S’ shape mirroring the name of the school – was set free and has since been rolled out across the site, on everything from signage to uniforms, websites to letterheads.