Print Design Guidelines

We want to ensure you get the very best outcome when working with us on your print design project. We’ve put together some guidelines below to help make the process as smooth, enjoyable and stress free as possible!

If you are unsure about any of the below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Text content

  • Please supply all text in either a Word document, Google Doc or as email text.
  • Please write out any hyperlinks (web addresses) in full rather than as linked text – we will reinsert any links if necessary as part of the design process.  
  • Please supply all images, infographics, logos, etc as separate files (ie. not embedded in the Word document).
  • Please note, all styling (bold, italics, etc) is removed from text when imported into our design software.
  • If your requirements are based on a previously designed item (ie. minor content updates), it’s fine to simply annotate the changes on the previous document – there’s no need to resupply all the content again.

Image content

  • We can accept a range of files types (including links to online images or asset banks). 
  • Please check the quality of images before sending. Any images smaller than 500KB are unlikely to be suitable in most instances. To use an image at A6 proportions and upwards, file size should be in excess of 1.5MB. Put simply the bigger the file size the better!
  • We have access to stock images at Envato Elements, as well as Unsplash – please feel free to look for images here if you require free stock imagery.
  • Logo files should ideally be sent in a vector format (.EPS, .SVG, .PDF). If this isn’t possible, supplying in other formats carries the caveat that it may affect the quality of their output and the size at which they can be used.

Reviewing and amends

  • Copy and imagery should be finalised before starting design. Updates to areas of content are not a problem, but the overall size of the content (ie. word count & number of images), as well as the ordering of sections/paragraphs should be agreed before starting the design process to avoid additional design costs.
  • We can accept feedback on artwork either as PDF comments/annotations (within Adobe Acrobat), or written notes such as in an email. Please feel free to resend small amounts of content (eg. a replacement paragraph) to replace existing content, but please do not resend the full text file again unless the changes to the original supplied are clearly marked (otherwise, we have no way of identifying where the changes are).
  • If significant changes are required in terms of content and layout changes (such as reordering sections, removing sections and adding large amounts of new content), this may incur an additional charge. However, we will always discuss this with you prior to carrying out the work.
  • Once a design is ‘signed off’ by the client – regardless of whether the item is being printed or just available online – any further changes may be chargeable but, again, we will always discuss this with you before carrying out the work.